Posted on 19/08/2016 by Dan Grace

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A quick 15 minute Uniform Education Review with Dominique is what Dom had to say...






Name: Dominique Laretive
Job Title:   Primary Consultant
Time at Uniform Education: 3 months

What do you like the most about working at Uniform Education? I love that I get to speak to different people every day. Each day is different and I like the variety that this offers.

What were you doing before joining Uniform? Letting office space in Central London.

What is the highlight of your career? Overall, I love that I’ve been able to work in different sectors; with each position comes a new set of challenges which has been great. I can think of several great moments in my career so far but I would say that one of my most recent highlights was selling the most amount of office space in a month at my previous position and being offered a promotion because of it.

What do you think about the Leadership team at Uniform? They’re great, they make you feel like an integral part of the team, are approachable and always on hand to help.

What are your thoughts about career progression? The management team here are open in terms of career progression which is a good motivator.

Describe the culture at Uniform… The culture here is great, the atmosphere is relatively relaxed but every one works hard. We get along well and have regular team nights out.

What have you enjoyed most about the culture? There’s a great dynamic in the office. I enjoy coming in to work and the team are always here if you need help or advice.

What advice would you give Consultants joining Uniform? It’s a great place to work, we focus on people and take a personable approach to our work. For me, this is a big consideration when starting a new job as it’s not just about how well you get on with your colleagues but the culture of the company as well.  

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