Feeling Proud....

Feeling Proud....

Posted on 22/03/2016 by David Owen

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So proud to have had this further testimonial today from a SEN school Head Teacher: Based in Harrow. Thank you to all our partnership schools for your continued support.

We have been working with Uniform Education since autumn 2015, when they sent an email regarding a candidate that caught my eye. Since then we have trialled a number of LSAs and currently have three Uniform Education LSAs working with us, all on long-term bookings. The reason we have worked so much with Uniform Education this year is because we appreciate the way they tailor their approach for us. They only send emails for candidates we might be interested in - they don't bombard us with generic emails. They respond to our requests and listen to our feedback. They have listened to us explain the kinds of candidates we are looking for and try hard to match that. If occasionally they send someone who isn't a good fit, they listen to why it hasn't worked out. But more often they do send us successful candidates, as they understand our school and what it takes to work here. This year Uniform Education have rapidly become one of the first agencies we will contact if we need supply


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