20 ways to use a tablet in the classroom

20 ways to use a tablet in the classroom

Posted on 23/02/2016 by David Owen

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From tuning into worldwide radio to experimenting with augmented reality, here are the best ways to use tablets in class for education and entertainment

Whatever model of Android or iOS tablet you have available, it’s a hugely versatile tool when it comes to educating and entertaining children. Here are some of the best apps and features you can make use of in the classroom – some of which you have to pay for and others that are free.

1 Dive into 360-degree videos

This is the most basic form of virtual reality, a full sphere of video centred on the spectator who can view an environment in any direction. The content works with VR headsets but is also available through browsers and mobile devices. Launch a 360-degree video in the Facebook or YouTube apps and children can tilt it around to change the view as the clip plays (a simple search should turn up some 360-degree content that will be clearly labelled). It’s a more interactive way of exploring everything from distant countries to underwater shipwrecks (check out Discovery’s YouTube channel for some great educational content).
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