Supply teacher tips: getting started in a new school

Supply teacher tips: getting started in a new school

Posted on 6/11/2015 by David Owen

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What do you need to know when you step foot into a new school? And how can schools better support supply staff? Supply veterans share their ideas and tips

When we asked our readers to share their supply teaching stories, skipping meetings, flexibility and honing behavioural management skills listed highly among the perks of the job. However, many painted a challenging picture of supply work. From rude staff and pressure to produce lesson plans at the drop of the hat to lack of information and support, most of the anger was aimed squarely at schools.

So what does make a good school to supply teach in?

We started by posing the question to our followers on Twitter.

"I could tell if it was a good school 10 mins in," said @MohammedSidat. "If the staff felt panicked that there was a teacher short then I don't know how they'd react if I told them I was Ofsted... You should be given weekly plan not daily plan so supply knows what they have learnt and what they'll do the next day".

This article is extracted from The Guardian:

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